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   The microwave hummed before him, spinning the two mugs around in a slow dance. He waited, wandering the small kitchen; occasionally stretching and then spinning on his toes as if  performing a rather casual interpretive dance routine.
   The microwave chimed. After retrieving the mugs and their warm contents of milk; in each he dropped a portion of chocolate hanging on a small wooden rod. The smooth cocoa began to melt and swirl in the milk as he carried the mugs to the living room. Turning the corner, he came to an abrupt stop in the doorway and smiled. His sweetheart was perched on the rug in front of the sofa, wrapped in the same furry blanket that she was cloaked in when he left to the kitchen. The difference though was the condom she held between her teeth, one of several they had thrown in with the luggage.
   "I'm cold babe. Can you come keep me warm?" She said, blinking at him seductively. The words came around the wrapper sounding more like “Erm ceerd berb,” although she still managed to get her point across.
   He giggled. "It might be because you lost your pants silly," he said, noticing that she had already laid her pants and frilly pink panties aside. The heating wasn't the best in their friends alpine holiday house, the fire crackling in the room added more to the atmosphere than the temperature. He didn't mind at all though if this was her plan for keeping warm.
   Kneeling down beside her, he put his hot chocolate on the coffee table while she took hers and stirred it. She watched him intently as he slid his thumbs under the elastic of his pants and pulled down ridiculously slowly, swinging his hips in his attempt to tease her. She doubled over laughing at his display, almost spilling her chocolate, and then shoved him over backwards. After quickly putting her mug aside she attacked and wrestled his pants down his legs. Lying over him, she waited till their laughter settled a little before pulling more slowly at his underwear. His member popped free, continuing to grow, and she poked at it with her nose as they smiled at each other.
   "Come sit in my lap," he said, moving his back around to rest against the sofa. Taking one of the small cushions from behind him, he placed it over his crossed legs so she had a more comfortable spot to sit. She scooted over and climbed on, wrapping her legs behind him. She could barley resist rubbing her tingling sex along his as they pressed together but she knew they had their hot chocolate to enjoy first.
   "Comfy?" He asked, once he'd thrown the blanket around them, wrapping them together in a warm cocoon.
   "Mmm, Very comfy." They giggled together as she allowed herself one little rub along his shaft, feeling it throb against her. She wriggled her toes at the feeling. He kissed her as she settled down on the pillow, then reached out to collect their mugs.
   "Don't spill it on yourself." He said. He paused a moment, handing her mug over, then added, "Or I'll have to clean you up." He licked at her face causing her to make a happy little squeal.
   "Cheeky." She chided, giggling into her mug. They sat together for some time, listening to the fire and enjoying the warmth of each other's bodies as they sipped at their hot chocolate.
   "Your snowboarding is going to get better than mine soon at the rate you're learning." He said after a while.
   "I still keep falling over though," she said, "my butt hurts like hell."
   "I fall over a bit as well. The best thing is though that you haven't gotten frustrated yet. I remember the second time I was snowboarding all my stresses got the better of me. I ended up having a breakdown and just gave up for the rest of the trip."
   "That doesn't sound like you," she said. She had known him to be more steadfast.
   "That's because I have you now," he said, moving a little closer. "How could I feel any stress when I'm with you?" She gazed at him, her body tingling not only from their physical closeness but from the pure love between them. He kissed her.
   "I'm really that important to you aren't I?"
   "Always," he replied. After wallowing in each other's smile for a time he held up the blob of semi-solid chocolate from his mug to her. She purred, licking at the chocolate and letting it melt into her mouth. Soon they were laughing together as they shared each other's chocolate. He lent in to lick up a dribble of warm confectionery from the side of her mouth, keeping his word that he would keep her clean.
   Finishing the last of her chocolate she peered at him over her mug. He noticed her mischievous expression. "What are you scheming up beautiful?" He asked.
   "Hold this," she said, handing him her mug. "And don't finish your chocolate yet." Reaching behind under her shirt she quickly had her bra, which matched with her panties, thrown aside. "You said you'd clean me up if I get dirty right?" She said, then pulled her top up over her breasts and took his blob of chocolate off him.
   "Now who's the cheeky one," he said, giggling a little, while he covered their legs again with the blanket which had fallen from their shoulders. The runny chocolate glistened in the soft light as she lathered it across her nipple, smiling at him and licking her lips seductively. Once finished she lifted the stick from her breast.
   "Ah ah, not yet." She pressed her hand on his chest as he began to lean in.
   "You're such a tease," he said, as she started covering her other teat.
   "Yeah, but you like it." She knew that for sure, he had hinted that to her in the past.
   He waited patiently for her to finish and she let him lick the last of the chocolate off the stick when she was done. This time she let him move down and take her nipple in her in his mouth. She giggled as he began to suckle away the chocolate, putting her hand through his hair while he held her waist. Her giggles tuned into a sigh of pleasure as he kissed and sucked more vigorously, letting his tongue slide over her.
   "Keep going... It's good," she said softly, her eyelids beginning to droop. He licked the last little smudges of chocolate from her and began on the other side. His free hand found her now clean breast and started to massage, tickling her teat with his thumb. She was becoming more and more aroused now. With quiet moans, she moved her hips forwards again. Then, finding him against her sex, she began her stroking motions, rocking her hips up and down as he continued caressing her breasts. He finished cleaning the other side, enjoying her softness and chocolaty taste. After taking a few last tender licks he lifted his head to kiss her moaning mouth. His toes twitched as well this time as they rubbed against each other. It wasn't long before she had dripped from her swollen heat all over his own warmth.
   She pulled her hips back, resisting her primal urges for now. "I want you in me," she said, staring with such force into his eyes that he felt like he was falling. They were both a little surprised for a moment, she hadn't been that abrupt with him before, but then the moment broke and they smiled at each other, giggling again.
   "Do you want to put it on this time?" He asked.
   She hummed her affirmation and reached over him to collect the condom, allowing herself to brush her heat against his tip on the way, causing a tingle through them both. Seated again, she got the wrapper open and dropped the rubber sheath onto her palm. Then, she moved towards him for a passionate kiss, which he retuned with the same spirit and grasped his member firmly in her hand, causing it to tremble. They continued to devour each other as she began to cover his length, wild tongues released and flicking against each other. Once she had rolled the condom to his base she pushed herself upwards, one hand moving through his hair, the other still tight around his cock. She hovered above him, his hands moving to support her rump before she came to rest on them. Their kiss subsided, lips moving apart tardily, missing the contact the moment it ended.
   "Lower me down," she whispered. Again they felt as if they had dived into the pools of each other's eyes. He began to lower her gently down as she guided him towards her opening. He slipped inside her and they gaped at each other adoringly, mouths slightly ajar, as a beautiful sensation spread through them both. Her hands came to the back of his head as he continued to let her sink onto him. She let out a delighted whimper as he twitched inside of her. Eventually she was flush with his base, fitting snugly around him, and he pulled the pillow underneath for her to rest on.
   Coming down from their stupor their smiles and giggles returned. "Feeling warm yet?" He asked, covering their shoulders tightly again with the blanket.
   "Very," she replied, burying her face against his neck. "It feels nice when you talk." As he spoke she was enthralled by the hum along his chest and, she thought, she could just feel the vibrations travelling from his chords down through their intimate link.
   "I would sing to you but I don't want to hurt your ears," he said.
   "You haven't tried though. You don't know how tough my ears are."
   "Okay, but I don't really know all the lyrics to any songs fully." His nose brushed along her neck and she sighed at the soothing touch.
   "We'll write a song together then."
   "Sounds like fun, our own song." His wandering lips found the lobe of her ear and mouthed at it gently. They squirmed and giggled together as she contracted around him. "Everything is fun with you though," he said. She lifted her head up to kiss him as they began to rock slowly and rhythmically against each other. They fell into an almost meditative state, completely lost within each other's stares, their pleasure, and the fireplace that continued to crackle.
   Surely, their pace quickened; faster and faster until she was on her knees ramming him against the couch with his hair in her hands. Suddenly they tumbled over onto the rug when she pulled him in closer. He landed ontop of her, their foreheads pressed together as they rode together. After a few trembling, peaking moments their release hit them both and they were left twitching and out of breath.
   They watched each other, panting and smiling as he took his time sliding out of her.

   The rest of their evening was spent tranquilly. He pet and massaged her by the warmth of the fire, watching her read until they fell asleep on the rug.
Winter Holiday
A couple stay warm together on their alpine holiday with some romantic lovemaking.

Mature Content

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     "Are you ready?" He asked, as he caressed her hair. They were snuggled together on the bed, the lamps dimmed with rose coloured shades. It seemed that every pillow in the house had been collected and piled up on the bed. Little wisps of smoke drifted from burning incense on the bedside table making the room feel even cosier.
    He kissed her again and she replied playfully, "Okay," she giggled and then added, "Play with me then." Her sunshine smile melted him like chocolate.
    He had to pace his own breathing as she rolled onto her back, his heartbeat racing with the excitement and nervousness. He moved down to her stomach, straddling her legs, and slowly pushed her top up with his nose to give a gentle kiss there. He kissed her more as he slipped his hands along her sides and squeezed gently. She sighed, his massaging motions making her feel quite peaceful. She relaxed further into the many pillows as his soft nuzzling slowly worked her top up her body. Eventually, she stretched her arms out and let him remove her top completely, leaving her wearing only her tiny sleeping shorts. They were nose to nose again, both gazing lovingly at each other. After another kiss he wriggled back as she grabbed the base of his shirt and pulled it off him, tossing it aside. He settled down over her stomach and began to run a finger idly over her now exposed breasts.
    "Would you like another blueberry?" He asked. An assortment of fruits, previously dipped in their chocolate fondue fountain, were gathered in a bowl on the bedside table.
    "Mmm, yes please," she said, then giggled as his wandering finger played against her teat.
    "I wonder why it's always strawberries as foreplay snacks?" He said, feeling calmer, as he collected two blueberries out of a bowl with his free hand.
    "Foreplay snacks?" She replied, laughing, "I guess maybe because they're coloured red for love?"
    "There's probably a lot of things we could try really, as long as they taste as sweet as you," he said, then gave her breast a lick which earned him yet another giggle. However lame his affectionate jokes got she still always thought them cute.
    She took one of the blueberries off him and they each popped one into the other's mouth, sliding the morsels between each other's lips. After licking at his fingers playfully as his hand retreated she brought her fingers down to touch and and tickle at his arm, his hand continuing a similar action on her breast.
    "Shall I tie you up now?" He asked, once he'd swallowed the fruit. A slight nervousness had come back into his voice.
    "Sure," she replied. "You sound more scared about tying me up then I feel about being tied up."
    "I just don't want you to feel uncomfortable." He never liked the idea of feeling like the dominant in a relationship. He had always wanted equal relationship. This wasn't really about dominance though, he knew that, it was about trust, and an extra element of fun, but it still made him nervous.
    "You always make me feel comfortable though." She smiled that warm smile at him again which compelled him to lean in for another kiss.
    "Okay then, sit up for me," he said, he rose and lent her his hands so she could lift herself upright, close to his chest. He took the first length of the wide, silky, red ribbon from the bedside table and pressed it across her eyes. She poked her tongue out in mock defiance as he began to tie the ribbon off in a bow behind her head. Noticing the opportunity, she licked blindly at his chest, leaving a trail of saliva and making them both giggle through the process.
    "Arms now," he said, once the blindfold was secure. She leant further into him to support herself as she let him bind her wrists together with another long strip of ribbon. Resting the side of her head on his chest she thought she could hear his heartbeat, seemingly going at the same excited pace as her own. Once the second bow was tied he began moving the pillows about behind her to ensure a comfortable nest. He lowered her back down, making sure she didn't end up lying awkwardly. Then he moved back a little, trailing two fingers down her body and across her smooth skin. She stretched and smiled at his soothing touch.
    "Feeling comfy?" He asked.
    "Yeah," she replied, sounding quite blissful. He noticed now that she was already making little movements with her hips. Her obvious eagerness amused and excited him. He wouldn't make her wait any longer. He continued with his gentle touch all the way down to pet between her legs as she parted them welcomingly. Uttering a noise somewhere between a sigh and a purr, she pushed herself towards him as he tickled at her through her thin shorts. He felt her already becoming quite damp when he stopped stroking. She groaned quietly in annoyance, wishing she could play with herself in the meantime as he slowly started to pull at her shorts.
    "More..." She pleaded, playfully.
    "Hold on cutie," he said. She lifted her behind as he tugged the shorts down, revealing her glossy wet sex. He helped her kick the shorts off completely and they fell to the floor. Then, leaning down to her, he planted a passionate kiss on her heat. She yelped happily and wriggled about as he started to lap at her deeply and massage her sides again. It didn't take long before she grasped the pillows underneath her, bucking towards him in her pleasure.
    Taking a pause, he beamed, delighted by the noises she was making. "Having fun?" He asked, after licking some excess fluids from his lips. She had already started panting and her response was mostly garbled giggling which told him that she defiantly was having fun. When he continued again she felt him slip inside her, tonguing about at her most sensitive areas. This time she let out a loud, sensual moan and wrapped her legs around him, hugging his head close with her thighs. Trying to find a more comfortable position he moved his hands down. Finding her rump he began to massage again, squeezing at her as she continued to rock towards him.
    After a while she began to tense up and her panting became a little more frantic as she came closer to her climax. Not wanting to wear her out too quickly, he slowed down a little, licking around inside her far more methodically, trying to prolong her peak as much as was possible. Even with his more paced strokes she howled and convulsed with her first orgasm. He slurped greedily at the trickle of nectar that came out of her. As he drew back his tongue she made a long, drawn out complaint, a plea for him to continue, although not quite in any discernible language as she was still a bit too giddy.
    "Don't worry peach, I'm not finished yet," he said lovingly, then lapped softly at her a few last times before rising up. The next part she wasn't expecting, although the surprise proved to be rather exciting. She made a quizzical look under the blindfold, sensing him fiddling with something. Then, she heard him switch a quiet buzzing device on and off, letting her work out what he wanted to do next.
    "You got me a present!" She squealed happily, realising what it was.
    "Are you happy to play with it straight away?" He asked, ever cautious.
    "Off course I am, silly," she replied. "Hurry up!" She parted her legs, urging him to start again. He grinned, still enjoying her cute displays of eagerness. Switching the little love egg vibrator back on he pressed it buzzing against her clit. She squeaked, laughed, then let her eyes roll back a little behind the blindfold as her joyful moans continued. Holding the vibrator loosely in place he started working his way up her body with kisses, enjoying her squirming underneath him. He made his way to her breast, cupping it in his hand and squeezing. Waves of pleasure caused her body to pulse as he began to suckle gently on her teat. He kept rolling the little humming ball over her clit, tickling with his other fingers. Again she neared her climax, thrusting towards him ferociously as she let her mind dissolve away. After a few moments and several sultry cries of pleasure she had her release, splashing her fluids into his hand.
    The vibrator was switched off and he slowly began to untie her as she wound down, breathing heavily. Once the ribbons were placed aside he laid next to her, attempting to enact a tomcat. Purring, he began licking his paw clean while he watched her with as cute a look as he could manage.
    "Good kitty," she said, with a giggle, after her breathing had returned to normal.
    "Miaow," he replied. He gently pawed at her stomach and then noticed the devilish grin that had come over her. "What?" He asked, smiling, sensing that she had something extra planned of her own.
    "It's my turn now," she said, pouncing on him. They laughed together as she rolled her new plaything over and then began to tie him up, nibbling on his neck as she did so.

    Later, both thoroughly satisfied, they were wrapped in each other's arms. The last of the incense had smouldered out and the lamps were off, although the ceiling still glittered with tiny specks that would dim through the night. The tips of their fingers brushed lightly against each other's palms, causing a sensation that could ease any stress. Occasionally he would peck fondly at her neck or cheek.
    "We did good didn't we?" He whispered. "Do you think we deserve bacon and eggs tomorrow? Maybe some fried tomatoes as well?"
    "Hey, stop making me hungry," she giggled, "but that does sound good." They shared a pause of beautiful silence, in which they could almost believe that they were the only two people in the world. "I love you babe," she said. Putting her hand in his, they locked fingers. "Don't let go of me all night okay."
    "I love you too peach. I won't let go even once," he replied, not quite sure that he could keep that promise as they slept, but he would defiantly try.
    She drifted off first, her sweet, peaceful murmuring lulling him to sleep as well.

Play With Me
Something cute, corny and consensual. Hopefully a refreshing read. 

Happy reading. :)
Feb 16, 2015
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